Who, What, and Why



GRIN GRandparentsINresidence

celebrates its founder's friendship with a special 9 year old, who died in the January 8, 2011 mass shooting in Tucson, Arizona, holding Suzi's hand, waiting to meet their Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords.  

Designed to encourage others to share what they love, our mission is to promote, support, and create opportunities connecting those who have time with those who have need.  Our goal is to offer a hassle free volunteer experience, connecting the generations.   

Garden Club with their new tools, thanks to our donor, Lady Jane

Prince Elementary School

Suzi's role as Official Adopted Grandmother of Prince Elementary School, allows GRIN to offer a wide variety of on-campus volunteer experiences 


Whether reading Maurice Sendak in kindergarten or planting in the garden, helping with math centers or sharing something special,  GRIN volunteers participate on their own schedules, doing what they love, when they want to do it.  

 Have a talent or skill you'd like to share?  GRIN can connect you with students who want to learn.  

Hassle Free Volunteering.... no charge for smiles.


Pilates at Amphi

Partnering with local and national businesses, GRIN sponsors a weekly Fletcher Pilates class at Amphi Middle School


Special Events

Spring Carnival, Valentines Day

 drop in and join the fun with the Amphi scholars.  

Want to thank the educators in person?  Deliver Back to School Love Fest treats the week before school begins.