To promote, support and create
opportunities for interactions between
those who have time
 those who have need
Promoting, Supporting and Creating Opportunities ~ Celebrating Connections Between Generations.

Colleges in Classrooms needs your help.

Did You Go to College?
Are You Visiting a College?
Are You Paying for Someone To Go to College?

Have a graduate who's left detritus behind in her closet?
Tired of that college garbage can lingering in the corner of the garage?  
 Colleges in Classrooms will show you how to turn your discards into someone's treasures. 
We love gently used powerful imagery!

Every student at Prince Elementary and Amphitheater Middle School is expected to attend an institution of higher education and their classroom decorations and rewards reflect that goal.  Your alma mater's posters, t-shirts, folders, pencils & decals can make a big difference.  
Click here to get started!

Are You Ready to Help?
Without our volunteers, we are nothing.  With your help, smiles appear.  GRIN's mission is to provide a hassle-free experience on both sides of the volunteering equation.  No meetings, minimal paperwork, easily accessible training and support -  GRIN is here to back you up.

To volunteer, send an email to
  To provide financial support, click the DONATE button.  Any amount, large or small, is gratefully appreciated and will be acknowledged with a letter suitable for IRS purposes.  Donations support the projects in which we are involved
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