Working with mats, circles, balls and rollers and a reformer donated by Balanced Body 
(Dan Wilson, you are our hero!) the girls are able to experience a true mat class..... 
in addition to having the joy of opening all those boxes!
Talented, flexible, thoughtful educators make volunteering easy!  Tanya Wall, Assistant Principal Extraordinaire, exemplifies the Can-Do spirit that energizes GRIN. Thanks to Lisa Powell for sharing her Sports Conditioning Class time with us.
In conjunction with 
Body Works Studios and with the generous support 
of Balanced Body and lucy activewearGRIN brings professional Fletcher Pilates instruction
into the public schools. 
Promoting, Supporting and Creating Opportunities ~ Celebrating Connections Between Generations.

Pilates at Amphitheater Middle School

Tucson, Arizona



Under the supervision of Kyria Sabin, Fletcher Pilates Master Disseminator and owner of Body Works Studios, Pilates is now integrated into the PE curriculum at Amphi Middle School.

The extra-curricular program was fun, but being part of the Physical Education curriculum is even better!

Thanks, Ms. Powell, for making this happen.

Outfitted in gorgeous brand new clothes 
(Thank You Very Much,
Suzanne Rouleau 
and lucy activewear!)
 the after-school girls were able to watch their bodies change. 
Their form-fitting outfits revealed the work as it was done.
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