Promoting, Supporting and Creating Opportunities ~ Celebrating Connections Between Generations.

GRIN, Grandparents In Residence, is the inter-generational mentoring program
started by Suzi Hileman in the aftermath of January 8th. Its mission is to promote, support and create opportunities for interactions between those who have time and those who have need.

Our Mission

As a BROKER, our mission is to bring together those with talent and those with the desire to learn.  We have photographers and paper crafters and storybook readers and a strong connection to several schools.  Mentoring can be a daily or a monthly or an annual treat. Our goal is to offer a no-hassle experience.  

As we SUPPORT our volunteers, GRIN offers training to insure that quality interactions take place in a safe and thoughtful environment.  Volunteers are certified and receive an identifying credential. As a NATIONWIDE program in a mobile society, GRIN members can take their talents, training and certification with them as they move through life. Access to CPR and Basic First Aid classes is available.  

As a person with a platform, Suzi Hileman's efforts to PROMOTE volunteerism, physical fitness and inter-generational mentoring are on-going.  Media inquiries are welcomed and should be directed

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